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ApotheSoft is a full featured Pharmacy Management Software

   Just because we are very inexpensive don't think we left out any important features.

   Everything you need to fill prescriptions, create compounds, manage patient records, research drug monographs, transmit insurance claims, and backup your ApotheSoft system is all here.

 Integrated Features

Drug Interaction Solutions

  The ApotheSoft pharmacy software has can handle automated Drug-Drug Interactions if your purchase the optional Lexi-Comp On-Line drug interaction and drug information module.  The Lexi-Comp OnLine module also includes Patient Leaflets in over a dozen languages as well as drug pictures and full monographs. Internet access is required.

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Retail Solution, Ltd  for ePrescriptions and Claim Processing

   The E-Scripts (WenoNetwork) for pharmacies that will integrate with the Apothesoft Software and is provided by Retail Solutions. RSI also provides the Insurance claim switching.  .... Retail Solutions, Ltd ... 8 0 0 . 9 6 2 . 0 0 3 6

   Retail Solutions, Inc., has developed a state-of-the-art 3rd party prescription claim switching software that sends claims over the Internet.

   They developed this application back in 1997. So, their application is tried and tested. No Beta version or http/ftp applications here. They currently have over 40+ pharmacy software vendors and over 1500+ pharmacies (which increases everyday), who utilize their services and their programs. We were skeptical at first, but after seeing the speed and reliability of their program and their excellent customer support, our fears quickly diminished. Apothesoft is proud to recommend them as our Claim Switching Service.  

   Their E-Script Soulution is another break through for RSI. They can provide an eScript solution that is both easy to use and inexpensive.  The client application authenticates a positive connection to their servers the authentication is complete their server application sends a message to the client. This double checks the authentication. When a pharmacy claim is sent to their client, the claim is encrypted (HIPAA approved) and then sent to their servers. They then send the claim onto the payer who promptly returns a response, that they relay onto the originating pharmacy.

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Remote Support is a Breeze

A remote support module is built in to the system but you are in total control.  You can contact support and we can remote control your PC to see exactly what you see.  Unlike most remote control systems you are in  control not the support center and you connect to us not the other way around.  Because of this unique architecture it works behind most firewalls with no changes.