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   Apothesoft pharmacy software was designed by a pharmacist to meet the special requires of an independent retail pharmacy.  The program was originally designed in 1990 and has  been used in hundreds of pharmacies  around the USA and in a few pharmacies overseas,  as in the Bahamas .

   A few years ago, when HIPPA and electronic claim processing became a requirement,. the program  was  update and these features added.  Recently State BOP have begun requiring Controlled Substance Reporting so that feature was added to the program.  When the Lexi-Comp Drug interaction and information feature was added, it was developed as  an efficient  web base  interface.

The History of Apothesoft

Free Demo

   You can request a free fully functional demo of the Apothesoft pharmacy program.  This is for pharmacist only.  Click the button  below to make request.M


      The ApotheSoft  pharmacy management software was designed by a Pharmacist who fills prescriptions everyday with the Apothesoft pharmacy software. We strive to make software easy to use and affordable.
    Our system is not a stripped down system but includes a Tabbed Windows interface with Patient and Doctor profiles only a mouse click away. Scroll down to see some screen pictures.

     The ApotheSoft pharmacy software does dual third party insurance billing. The ApotheSoft program has been designed and is intended for small retail pharmacies that have script volumes of up to 500 scripts per day.prs per day.

Apothesoft Provides Pharmacies State of the Art  Pharmacy Software, Affordable Prescription Processing Software

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